Abandoned 1969 Dodge Charger Has Been Powered Up After 20 Years!

Owning our all time favorite car is something everyone dreams off and as soon as we manage to grab our hands on one, we should take good care of it. Unfortunately, not every car is being taken good care off and we can without a doubt state that some awesome cars had been left on a parking lot to simply rust away. This was the case with the 1969 Dodge Charger that has not been moved for over 20 years. It sounds absolutely shocking and everyone would expect for the car never to start up ever again, right?

This 1969 Dodge Charger Has Been Powered Up After 20 Years 2

Well, these guys had something else in mind i.e. they were determined to get this beauty that has been in deep sleep for a long period of time, to power it up yet once again. But the process was not easy at all. Even though the video we see is fairly short and we do not see every detail that they had done to the car to make it start, we can easily assume that it required massive effort, time and money. But at the end it all paid off.

The gorgeous 1969 Dodge Charger was started up once again and everyone was thrilled to see that. Being able to do this is something utterly amazing. This video also serves as a proof that every car should get a second chance, especially if we are talking about a classic like this one. What do you think, should they restore this beauty to mere perfection?

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