Given A Second Chance! Check Out This 6×6 4BT Beautifully Restored Dodge Power Wagon!

This video is a lesson that you should not throw anything away. The guys at Precision Power Wagons are showing this to us first-hand. Their passion is to restore classic Power Wagons but with modern drivetrain parts under the suit. How cool is this? You don`t need to trailer your classic truck when going to a show and meet, you can cruise it instead. In this video we can bask upon one amazingly restored Dodge Power Wagon that boasts 6 wheel drive and a turbo charged, four-cylinder Cummins engine, which is a great match for this classic truck.

The interior inside is very classy as well. We can see that a lot of time and money was invested into this iconic American truck. We can also say that it was totally worth it. Seeing this restored Dodge Power Wagon made our day. Especially because we have never seen a 3 axle on one of these. Would you like to see a truck like this fitted with a 6 cylinder as well? We sure do. That would be a really tight fit! Check out the video below and tell us what you think in the comment section below. Big thumbs up for the guys at Precision Power Wagons.

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