NOMAD LIVING TRUCKER! Take a Tour of his Over Sized Sleeper Truck!

You would not believe how this nomad living trucker is living. Check the video below and take a tour of his over sized sleeper truck build by the owner Stan. We are pretty sure you will all be amazed how comfortable and large is this over sized sleeper owned by this lifelong trucker. It was a real surprise to find out how much room it has inside and probably most of us could easily live for a certain period of time or even a whole life.

NOMAD LIVING TRUCKER Take a Tour of his Over Sized Sleeper Truck 2

We can all learn a lot from the video and it does not matter what kind of budget we have, we could all adopt our car, caravan, van, pickup truck or an RV into very cheap mobile home. So, if you want to spend some time traveling around the continent and if you are simple, minimalist and frugal this video might come in handy for sure.

I’m very honest, this is not the life for me, however I have a huge respect for all the truckers and this trucker has a very nice mansion. This amazing video might be a start for the new trend in nomadic living. What do you think? Would you live in a over sized sleeper truck?