Guy Transformed A Neoplan Double Decker Bus To An Awesome RV In 20 Steps!

In 2011, a guy stumbled upon a Neoplan double decker bus that was for sale.

Neoplan Double Decker Bus To An Awesome 23

He got interested and decided to take a look. The Neoplan is a 1992 model powered by a Mercedes V6 engine that delivers 255 HP. The bus is 39 feet long, 8.2 feet width and 13 feet high. It`s a big bus indeed that has a capacity of 60 seats. He really liked what he saw, however, he didn`t want to buy the bus until a test drive and a full checkup was done by an expert. After a full inspection done by an expert, it was concluded that only some minor technical details had to be fixed.

Other than that, the expert said that this is a fine bus. So, upon hearing that, this gearhead immediately bought the Neoplan Double Decker bus. However, what has he done? Did he just buy a 35,000 pounds heavy bus with 90 seats that`s 20 year old?

It looks like he did. However, he bought it with a great purpose which is transforming the 20 year old double decker bus into one awesome RV! The guy behind the video explains in 20 steps how he managed to transform the bus into the RV of his dreams.

Check out the video below and enjoy the creativity this gearhead has.

Finally, here is a tip how to build an RV at home!