Ford Mustang Shelby 1967 GT500 Goes By “Kardiac”!

“This real Ford Mustang Shelby 1967 GT500 found in a junkyard not only competed in the 2012 Ridler competition, it made it to the Great Eight”!


For the past years, we`ve been researching the field of vehicles having a perfect form above other things, targeting cars from the 50s or older ones, especially `30s Fords. The Ridler Award, named after Don Ridler, famous publicist and promotions agent has been granted to the best in the Detroit Autorama Show. This GT500 which was practically junk, made to the Great Eight in the 2012 Ridler competition. What`s astonishing about it, is that the car achieved all this without any upgrades and body changes. This means only one thing: that the finish and fit of this car is truly amazing. However, rumor has it that this was the very reason why this Shelby didn`t win the trophy.  As one of the judges said, the car was perfect but a bit too “stock”.

Finally, wanna take a peak into the Shelby 2020?

01-kardiac-1967-shelby-gt500-sema 02-kardiac-1967-shelby-gt500-sema 05-kardiac-1967-shelby-gt500-sema 14-kardiac-1967-shelby-gt500-sema

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