1966 Shelby GT350H Race Car to Cross the Block in Monterey!

1966 Shelby FT 350 H models have usually been rented for racing purposes. However, ones have spent more time on the racing truck than others. One of those that have spent more time on the racing track is to be auctioned in Monterey, California in about a month. The first owner of the vehicle converted it into a track car and when it was property of Cobra Automotive they made a remake to the car in the following 2 years. A common 1966 Shelby GT350H has a 289ci V8 engine able to produce 306hp, while this particular Shelby that we are talking about has a 296ci V8 engine and is paired with a race carburetor and is able to produce 572hp and torque of 450 lb-ft. The Shelby also features a Ford9-inch rear end, Jericho transmission and 4 wheel disc brakes. The interior includes Kirkey aluminum seats and windows made of Plexiglas. From the outside, the car is painted in deep red.

If you want to own this 1966 Shelby GT350H, then you better be prepared to set aside 150,000 or 200,000 dollars from your budget.

Anyway, check out this Shelby BEAUTY!