1958 Tank Land Rover 109 Series II

Modifying a vehicle to the extreme limit has two possible outcomes. The first one will be receiving great honor and recognition by many for the awesome thing you have done, whereas on the other hand, people might mock you for the awful and ugly creation. Though this might vary from person to person hence everyone has their own opinion, we can all consent that this Tank Land Rover is one of the best modified vehicles we have ever seen. This 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II was designed by James A. Cuthbertson and is something that can tackle everything that stands on its way.

1958 Tank Land Rover 109 Series II 2

In order to make this possible, the base of the vehicle had to be dropped down and fitted onto a sub frame. This allowed for clear and precise movement of the treads. This 4×4 Tank Land Rover has 40 steel shoes that help drive the four massive wheels. Besides this, the mighty Rover was also equipped with a power steering that will make the turns much easier.

It was presented at a car event with many other vehicles, but to all of the people there, it seems that the most interesting one was this extraordinary Tank Land Rover. Even though we cannot expect to see this thing rolling on the streets, it is pure joy to simply spend some time watching it.

It is absolutely massive and tackling any obstacle on the road is going to be something easy. What do you think about it?