$16 Million PORSCHE Hybrid Yacht!

As we all know, Porsche is one of the top brands in the car industry when it comes to production of very powerful and expensive cars, but all of this might change as they, for the first time, spread out their business into the sailing world and manufactured a hybrid yacht. This might sound like a shock to many hence we are not used to seeing the classic logo onto yachts, but you might change your opinion after hearing this. This hybrid yacht costs well over $16 million! It was designed and constructed by Dynamiq which is a luxury yacht builder.

Hybrid Yacht Built Porsche Luxurious Interior 4

It will have its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show on the 27th of September where some of the most luxurious yachts will take part in. What an honor this will be for the newbie in the business! It is called the GTT 115. It measures 35 meters, that is 115 feet, and it is painted with Rhodium Grey metallic paint which looks absolutely stunning. Its max speed is at around 21 knots and it has efficient fuel consumption for just 3,400 nautical miles.

Only 7 such units have been made, so grabbing your hands onto one can be a difficulty. Its interior and furniture is that of a premium quality and luxury. All we can do now, before taking look at its premiere, is the gallery which gives a preview of the hybrid yacht. What do you think; could Porsche become a great manufacturer when it comes to luxurious yachts?

Finally, see the world’s first yacht with a built-in garage..