1200HP Gangster Nissan S13 Drifting Session! Gotta Be One Of The Baddest 13’s EVER!

We often suggest to increase the volume of your sound devices when we have a video with a sound deserving that. This video undoubtedly has such sound but if you want your ear drums to live another day, we`d say keep the volume lower this time. And we really mean it! Because when we see this vehicle recorded from the outside, it is not that loud. But when the camera switches, that is a whole different story! Yes, the video is about a drifting car, but it would`ve been a pity if we didn`t mention anything about the noise the car creates. Watching this car doing power slides is a real delight. The ultimate S13 drifting session! Thumbs up for the driver! Just 1 word to say: AWESOME!!!

This car is bad to the bone from every angle! And the driver here really drives the car to the maximum. This video is done by the “Wreck `EM” guys which are from Australia. And this awesome S13 drifting session is also done in Australia. Brisbane, Australia to be more precise. And the car is tuned in a perfect way! We can see the splendidly done low suspension that provides awesome drifting experience for a skilled driver such as the one in the video! This here is a perfect combo indeed! Awesome car and awesome driving!

The quality of the shooting techniques does not disappoint either! In fact they are pretty darn awesome! We can see some aerial shots that are brilliant! Most probably these aerial shots are done with an RC Helicam. And we just can`t help but mention the soundtrack! Awesome banging soundtrack that blends in with this gangster S13 drifting in a brilliant way! Everything about this video is perfect! We heard that this is from the Wreck Em Oh One Oh DVD! And this is only a single clip. We really need to get the whole thing fast!

1200HP Gangster S13 Touge Drift! Gotta Be One Of The Baddest 13’s EVER!

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