As you are all excited for the new Fast and Furious movie – Furious 7, there`s one thing a movie cannot go without – a FURIOUS 7 soundtrack! We need something strong and powerful in the background while Brian and Dominic fight Deckard Shaw!!! The Furious 7 team chose Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea to get into the studio and do their thing! Wiz already proved that he is the man for this job! He collaborated with 2 Chainz on the Fast and Furious 6 soundtrack named WE OWN IT!

The soundtrack marked unbelievable success so it is no surprise he is doing this project again! Iggy on the other hand is the “new girl in town” but she keeps up pretty good! We never suspected her flow and lyrics, and the way she follows Wiz and his rhymes is amazing!

However, we expect this FURIOUS 7 SOUNDTRACK to be a huge hit as it will climb the `Top 10 of the week` ladder in no time! We`re going to leave you in the hands of Wiz and Iggy! It`s our duty to warn you that you`ll be singing this song all day after you listen to it! IT`S TIME TO GO HARD OR GO HOME!