Official SLEEPER! 1150HP Brutal Golf Mk2 Turbo! INSANE Acceleration! Watch That Speedo!

Don`t you just love it when you are surprised by a sleeper car? We know we do! This video will definitely bring a smile on your face! It shows us a Golf Mk2 Turbo that can go from 0 to 60mph in 2.6 seconds! That is absolutely insane! This is just one of the many reasons why you should check this Brutal Golf Mk2 Turbo Acceleration by Boba-Motoring with 1150HP and 1034Nm of toque and 58psi on E85 fuel! Furthermore, this Golf Mk2 turbo boasts a 2.0L V16 ABF turbo engine! Powerful Turbocharger comes from the extreme tuners “GTX42” and CNC head comes from NG-Motorsports. The gauges are Prosport and the interior weighs 2469 pounds. It can also get from 60mph to 120mph in 3.6 seconds! To put it simply, this Golf Mk2 turbo is one impressive car! To our enjoyment, the guys from Boba-Motoring decided to test it out on the highway!

The first test run of the Golf Mk2 Turbo was with a 37psi boost. With this much boost, it took this ridiculously fast Golf to accelerate from 60mph to over 155mph in around 10 seconds! Afterwards, the test runs continue, but this time with a 49psi boost. Apparently, even with the AWD being on, the wheel spin was too much for the driver. At last, they went with a 43psi boost to end their testing. There was quite a lot of traffic this time around, but this didn`t stop the driver from trying! With 43psi of boost, the Golf Mk2 turbo managed to get from 60 to a 136 mph in 7 seconds! He would have gone even faster, but the traffic prevented him from trying. Nonetheless, the acceleration of this Golf Mk2 turbo is undeniably remarkable. Watch the acceleration and performance of this old German beast and feel free to share your opinion with us!

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Enjoy the video below!

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