Essential Things to Do After a Car Accident

Distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, slippery roads, and brake failure are some reasons for car accidents. After a car accident, you have to do a few things to protect yourself from legal troubles. Instead of driving away from the accident scene, you have to protect the scene. It is necessary to prevent further accidents. You can set up flares or turn on your flashers. Make sure to always have a flashlight for your safety. Here are some essential things to do after an accident.

Essential Things to Do After a Car Accident 2

Report Your Accident

Even without serious injuries, you have to inform the police. File a police report to file a claim with an insurance company. You will need an accident report to claim for damages to your car. If you need a report for an old accident, check an extensive database of MyAccident. Remember, cars involved in your accident must remain at their place unless they disturb traffic.

Record of Accident

Wait patiently for the arrival of the police. Exactly tell the situation to an investigation officer. Share facts only because misstate, guess of facts or speculation can harm you. If the police asked, are you injured, you must say, “you are not sure” instead of saying no.

In several cases, injuries and pain from car accidents become visible after hours of the actual collision. You have to make an accurate statement about the involvement of other people in an accident.

Take Pictures

Try to have a camera in your vehicle. Take pictures with a camera or use your smartphone. Your photographs should visibly show damages and injuries. Remember, you can`t interrupt on-going police investigation. If you can`t take pictures of an accident in the presence of cops, take them later as soon as possible.

Exchange Information

The investigating officers of police will immediately obtain the information. Though, if cops don`t respond to your accident, you must obtain telephone number, address, and name of all personnel involved in this accident. Make sure to get the information of witnesses so that you can get their statement in the future.

If the police investigate the matter, the investigation officer will provide every driver with the number of a police report. With this number, you can obtain this police report.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance provider about this accident as soon as possible. Several policies need immediate reporting and maximum cooperation. With medical and collision coverage, your service provider will pay for your medical bills.

Medical Attention

After a motor vehicle accident, injuries may take time to become apparent. You may feel extreme pain one day after a crash. Immediately seek medical attention at a local emergency room or visit your family doctor.

Physical examination is necessary to decrease the chances of permanent injuries to spinal cords. Sometimes, a collision may result in closed head injury or concussion. It may increase the chances of behavioral and cognitive changes.

Maintain a file of accident-related documents. With this information, you can make an insurance claim. The information file must have a claim number, adjuster of the claim, phones numbers and names of contacts, receipts of rental vehicles, and other expenditures because of an accident. With this information, you can protect your rights.