8-Second Supra vs Corvette Z06 Possessed By Deamons! Check it!

Check out this awesome Z06 Corvette by “Demons” Humiliates a 8-Second Supra! As we all know 8 seconds in the 1/4 mile doesn’t equal 8-second performance from a roll on the highway… Read on the Supra vs Corvette story.

American muscle car vs a Japanese sport car! Supra vs Corvette! Although the Toyota is a car we often send compliments to, this time wasn`t able to confront the faster Corvette, which by the way has a Twin Turbo hiding under the hood! There are two short races in this video in which the sport car loses twice. These races are taking place on the open road where the drivers must pay extra amount of attention to what`s around them. Despite the fact that this video is not too long, we can still hear and enjoy the always magnificent sounds of these two machines!

Watch how this Supra was killed and share your thoughts with us!

Enjoy the video below!

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