A UNIQUE Boss 429 LAWN MOWER From The Late 80s!

One of the better things in life is when one finds something from the past, something with a great historical value that stays forever in his life as one of those precious moments worth remembering and at the same time fulfills him with great pleasure and personal satisfaction. Something that can be described pretty much like this, happened to the owner of Signature Auto Classics, Rick Parker, from Columbus, Ohio. His new big thing in life is an extremely rare find, a Boss 429 lawn mower!

Boss 429 Lawn Mower

It started with a phone call from a guy who is working as a maintenance supervisor, who has told Rick that his boss is a passionate for lawn mowers, and that this example has a big motor in it, so they wanted his help in order to identify it. When he got to the place he was stunned when he saw that this lawn mower has a Ford Boss 429 engine, with aluminum cylinder heads and valve covers, which are very rare.

Rick fell in love with it on the spot, but the problem was that its original owner did not want to sell it to him right away. But after a few years, that unique Boss 429 Lawn Mower finally got to Rick…

It really is an interesting story, so if you want to get to the end of it and find out more details about it in an interview with Rick Parker himself, check out this link.

And in the mean time, take a look at the gallery from this great and one of a kind lawn mower, it really is something.