1000 HP NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34 Getting Unload & Starting Up!

I firmly believe that one of the things on which most of us, the big time Gearheads, can totally agree (if we are honest and objective, of course), no matter if you are a hardcore American muscle car aficionado, is that amongst the numerous imports that we get to see, the Japanese Nissan GTR examples are one of those cars that have earned their respect. And in a case if you are one of the whole army of 1000 hp Nissan GTR fans, then I`m sure that you`ll also agree that the there is something special in the Skyline series that makes each and every one of us start feeling the adrenaline rush, each time we see one.

Which is the reason why we keep on showing you various clips of these beauties, every time we come across a new video. And that is exactly what we have prepared for you in today`s article, one jaw-dropping and powerful as hell 1000 hp Nissan Skyline GTR R34 specimen.

Unfortunately, we do not have any info about the engine specs of this example, except that it is a highly tuned model that can deliver astonishing 1 000 HP, that obviously can do a lot of damage on the strip. However, the moment captured in the video below isn`t from a drag strip action, but it shows us the thrill of the guy who is filming it, when this powerful Skyline GTR R34 is getting unloaded from the trailer, and it is having a start up in the cold weather.

Sounds interesting? You better have a look at the video and see this great moment yourself, and enjoy that awesome GTR sound. And if you want to see other videos with powerful Skyline examples, go to this link.