I have got to say it right from the start, that we are really sorry that unfortunately, we do not have the proper info about the following crazy ride that you are going to see in the following video clip that we have prepared for you today. And even though we hate it when it happens (and I`m sure that you are also not thrilled about it), but we really felt that we must show it to you. Not just because it is pretty original and unique, but also `cause it looks very fun and innovative, and we think that the WHEELMAN KING deserves to appear in the, with the other rides of its kind!

It is called Wheelman King, as we mentioned and is some kind of a mixture between a skateboard and a small scooter, that features some state of the art techniques and awesome design, that can make anyone get intrigued by it. It has two big wheels, pretty robust and steady body frame, and it is powered by a 63cc motor. But as above mentioned, we really cannot give you much more of other reliable information about it, because not just that the video is Russian, but there is really very small amount of info about this innovative ride on the Internet.

But have a look at the following clip about it, and see just how fun this interesting skateboard, or a scooter, call it what you prefer more, can be. And if you get truly interested about it and want to purchase one, go to this link and find out some of the basic information about it!