Despite some of the differences in opinions between the USA and Russia, we all know that there are many cool things that are coming from the world`s biggest country, and that when it comes to us, the regular people, all of the none sense we hear from time to time on TV, has nothing to do with us. People are pretty much the same anywhere, and especially when it comes to us, the Gearheads, we all want one thing – powerful and fast cars that will be a source for lots of fun, inspiration and adrenaline rush! Like this Russian GTR. Coolest thing ever!

And that is exactly what we have prepared for you today, that`s coming from Mother Russia. As you could have read in the title, you had become aware that this is not one of those wacky Russian videos that makes us laugh our hearts out, but something quite serious. It is arguably the fastest Nissan GTR R35 in Russia, that is very close to break into the 7-second barrier. In other words, one hell of a fast and powerful Russian GTR!

So, just have a look at the following video clip and see this guy`s named Dimitri and his awesome GTR, strip performance at the 1/4 mile distance. And if you are interested in seeing and getting to know one of the best Russian drag race pilots, go to this link.