I think that there is no need to emphasize the fact that when it comes to Indonesia, supercars are something that is pretty much common in this far South East Asian country. Me personally, I have never been over there, but taking into an account that we have seen so many videos with absolutely awesome cars that are coming from this great archipelago state which is consisted from thousands of islands, I can easily come to this conclusion. Well, today`s video that we have prepared for this article is not with many hypercars at one place, but only with one, absolutely jaw-dropping model of Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk that will take your breath away.

Most of the times when we are watching the above mentioned Indonesia video clips, the biggest buzz is coming from its capital city, Singapore. I`m sure that those of you who are following us on regular basis can remember quite well on some of the numerous gatherings of Nissan GTRs, or on that hottest spot in that great city, fulfilled with many different models of Lamborghini.

Just watch the LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LIBERTY WALK video and you will find out what I`m trying to tell you. Simply irresistible supercar! And if you want to see other videos with Liberty Walk Lambo models, go to this link.