All those amongst you, who can describe themselves as big time truck aficionados, and who are following our truck section on a regular basis, know well that we are constantly showing you different truck monsters, which are demonstrating their power , as well as speed, in different ways. Very often, these two characteristics do not necessarily have to come together in one example. But in certain specimens, the power goes hand in hand with the speed. The following DURAMAX RACE TRUCK that you are going to see in the video below, is exactly that.

One truly mean and bad to the bone race truck, that will not leave indifferent any of you. It is an LB7 Duramax powered beast, that features Twin Turbo Injection Kit, by Toxic Diesel. And even though we do not have a chance and pleasure to watch it in action, ripping off the tarmac track, demonstrating its speed and engine power, it is still very impressive to see it posing off like this.

We hope that we will soon get a chance to see this twin turbo Duramax race truck in action too, but until then, check out the following video and see what kind of a beast it is. And if you want to get a more detailed info about the Toxic Diesel engine components, click here.