I have probably said this before, but regardless of that, I will say it again. I`m not some big time pickup truck fan, but at the same time, I cannot stay indifferent when I come across some great specimen (both on a video or in real life), which deserves every respect. And when we have some truly awesome, rare, highly customized and original example, like this jaw-dropping 1955 Chevy truck that you are going to see in the following video, I immediately begin to feel the adrenaline rush pumping through my system and start thinking about getting one myself!

I think that it is no secret that most of us love and enjoy in a perfectly restored vintage vehicles, brought to a perfection and looking even better than when they got out of the assembly line. Well, when it comes to vintage and something really beautiful, it does not get any better than this stunningly beautiful Chevy specimen.

And thanks to one of our favorite YouTubers, ScottieDTV, who is always at the right place and at the right time, we have the pleasure of seeing this great 1955 Chevrolet truck. Its owner got it three years ago from Atlanta, Georgia, brought to his home in Tennessee and completely restored it.

As you will see it in just a few moments, the truck has numerous unique features, including that Whiskey barrel in the bed, which houses the air bag equipment and the battery connection, then there is the customized interior, and the body work and the paint job is done by the B Rod and Custom from Tennessee.

There is a lot more to this great 1955 Chevy truck, but I will leave it to you, to find out about it while you`ll be watching the video yourself. So take a look at it and enjoy it!

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