Awesome 1970 Chevelle 454 SS With Borla XR1 Muffler!

I think that there is not even one muscle car fan out there who does not like the awesome 1970 model of Chevy Chevelle 454 SS. That year of 1970, was the year when the Chevrolet introduced to the world their utter powerhouse in the mid-sized models. So, all of the Chevelle fans and enthusiasts had the pleasure to be greeted by the LS6, along with the powerful and so much reliable 454 V8 engine, that was stock rated of 450 HP. There were not many other muscle specimens that were able to rival the power of this super sport choice model. This awesome and terrifyingly powerful motor included high compression pistons, solid valve lifters paired up with a dual exhaust system. But this example that you are going to see in the video below, the owner of this fine Chevelle 454 SS specimen had mounted Borla XR1 muffler, to make his beast even more powerful.

We do not know for sure, but we’re assuming that this Borla XR1 muffler is custom made, taking into an account the fact that Borla does not produce mufflers for Chevy Chevelle (unless there have been some changes we do not know about). And, no matter whether this awesome Chevelle is drag racing or his owner has other plans for it, like trying it out in the circuit, the Borla XR1 mufflers have a reputation of best flowing mufflers on the market. So I think that this awesome looking beast, with those traditional twin stripes that are running all over the hood, is one hell of a machine. I cannot wait to see a video of it, running down the strip at full throttle.

If you want to find out more about the Borla XR-1 mufflers, check out this link.