One Of The BEST Diesel Drag Races – EVER: Cummins Vs Duramax! You MUST See This!

Watch as this great two diesel machines, a fully built Duramax and Cummins, take on each other on the drag strip, setting an excellent time of just a little something over ten and a half seconds. If there is still someone out there who can claim that diesel tuning can not be something that can be taken seriously, than this race is for all of those skeptics. Diesel machines are mighty and full of horse and torque power, so it would be completely unjustified to underestimate them, compared with the petrol and methanol engine. To put it simply, this Cummins vs Duramax clash is something YOU MUST SEE! This video is as American as you can get!
Yes, their time is still slower than the abovementioned, but can you say that 10.681 seconds at 143.52 mph and 10.875 seconds at 133.34 mph (as the time of these Duramax and Cummins is) at a quarter mile is something that should not be taken seriously? Come on man! Just watch this drag race video! Any car that can drive over 140 miles per hour is impressive, yet alone a truck! That makes the feat even better! We know they might not be the most eco-friendly, but they can definitely give us amazing races! Make sure you watch amazing clash between two American beasts! A Chevrolet with a Duramax engine on one side and a Dodge with a Cummins on another! This is more than enough to make you want to press that play button and witness this this Cummins vs Duramax race! Wait no more, because the video is right under the text! Sit back, relax and enjoy a part of American car culture! It is completely AWESOME! Enjoy the video below and don`t forget to give your thoughts about the video in the comments!

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