Smokey Burnout By Cummins Diesel Powered Cadillac Deville! Black Smoke Everywhere!

How about this diesel smokey burnout?

Smokey Burnout By Cummins Diesel Powered Cadillac Deville 4

Whenever you see a crowd gathered, screaming as loud as they can, applauding all the time -- you know something AWESOME is happening! And it turned out to be true this time as well. This video here is coming from the 2013 Southeast Showdown Burnout Competition event in Anderson, South Carolina Some of you may think of burnout competitions as just a waste of power and tires, but no one can argue that it looks freaking awesome! In this burnout competitions we can see as a great classic -- CADILLAC DEVILLE doing  a massive smokey burnout as it rolls coal all the way!!!

There were many awesome cars doing burnouts but this stunning Deville definitely differentiates a bit from the others!

This FANTASTIC ride is powered with a CUMMINS DIESEL engine underneath the hood! And for sure it sounds like a Cummins! That sound is straight on awesome! So, we suggest to turn on the volume on your sound devices and enjoy this fantastic sound in the best way possible!

However, the black and white smoke provoked by this Cadi covered the whole place as you could hardly see the car while doing the performance!This Cummins Cadillac Deville is putting on a real disappearance act with its smokey burnout!

It`s being totally engulfed in its own black smoke! Smoke produced out of those poor tires and mighty exhaust! This smokey burnout is so glorious that only a true environmentalist can dislike it.

We don`t know the exact specifications and modifications of this Cadillac Deville but for sure we can say it is custom made! A mad mechanic who made his devilish mad creation to produce more smoke than U.S Steel!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to see this masterpiece by CADILLAC DEVILLE!

Don’t forget to tell us what you think!And finally, follow this link to see a massive Burnout from hell!