WOW! An Extra Long Wheelie on Dirt Bike! MUST SEE THIS!

Because there is not a guy who has ever been on a bike and who does not love or tried to do a long wheelie on dirt bike, we are giving you this insanely good video of Trenton Daigles, demonstration to everyone what it actually means to do some great looking and loooong wheelie with a bike.

All guys like it, all girls love the guy who is doing it, so what is there not to be liked? Watching this video and Trenton`s perfect demonstration of being a Zen master of wheeling, almost put me in a state of trance, I was completely mesmerized! Just watch the numbers on the clock in the angle from the moment he starts the stunt all the way until the dirt road finishes.

If this is not one of those magical moments to attract the attention of the curious eyes, than I do not know what it is out there!? This is by far one of the best wheelie stunts I have ever seen and I`m pretty much sure that you will agree with me on this.

You must see this dirty road race where monster trucks are fighting each other in a competition! Please visit this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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