#1 Unmanned Aircraft For Finding BAD GUYS – GLOBAL HAWK!

For today`s article we have not one, not two, but three videos that will give you complete perspective of what we are about to show you. We`d like to present you another marvel used by US Air Force for surveillance as well as combat missions around the globe, of course if needed. In other words, it helps the US Air Force with several global missions. Without further ado, this is the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk, unmanned aircraft with cutting edge radar and optics. This aerial vehicle can fly beyond 60.000 feet and supply the personnel controlling it with the required information. It is made to constantly run for more than 30 hours both at day and night regardless the weather conditions.

Starting from the outlook, this unmanned aircraft differs a lot from the other drones for similar purpose. It is also unchallenged when it comes to the reachable altitude. Moreover, couple words about its dimensions and capabilities. The wingspan of the Global Hawk is 130.9 feet, the overall length is 47.6 feet and it is 15.4 feet high. It can reach speed of 310 knots and can be loaded with 3000 lbs cargo. In these videos you have the chance to closely see the processes of taking-off and landing as well as taxiing and maintenance.

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