462MPH – World’s Quickest Turbine RC Model JET! Guinness World Record!

For any of you who had the notion that the remote control hobby was boring and dull, let us present you the turbine RC jet that just broke the new world record. It`s a lot quicker than expected!

Guinness Record 462MPH World Quickest Turbine RC Model 4

We just thought it would be cooler if there was an on-board camera on this thing. On the other hand, when you are going with staggering 462MPH, it may not be that simple. We figure aerodynamics play a big part. Imagine the skills it takes to fly this monster? This guy must have like TONS of hours of experience with turbine RC jets.

The pilot who earned his spot in the ever growing book of Guinness World Records is called Niels Herbrich. The RC jet is fitted with a Behotec 180 turbine, powered by kerosene and weighs around 16 pounds. You can see as the plane slices through air reaching unimaginable speed and producing one very awesome soundtrack. It`s an amazing feat of engineering indeed.

Check out the footage below and share with us your thoughts. Is this fast enough to blow your mind away or what? We are sure that all the birds which found themselves in the vicinity of this action are very envious.

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