Unexpected HUGE CREATURE Came Out Of The Water To Say Hello!

It`s officially summer! From now on, the days are becoming shorter and the nights longer by a few minutes. This is one good reason to make most of the time available, meaning to go out and have fun! You can choose from the vast array of activities the summer offers, like saying hi to a huge creature! One day you can go at the beach, laying on the deckchairs with a cocktail in your hand, you can attend a party the next day, or you can take a boat and sail away to enjoy the marvelous sights provided by nature. Who know, you might see something that will make your day and will be definitely worth to remember.

One such thing is presented in the video below. You can notice something unusual right at the beginning. Some creature is approaching the boat, and luckily there was a person recording this event. The huge creature starts swimming fast towards the boat and all of a sudden it emerges out of the water! It is a HIPPO! Nobody saw that coming! Fortunately it is all caught on tape! We are wondering, how come such big animal which is slow on land can swim so fast?

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