VW Introduced The 330HP Golf RACE CAR CONCEPT! MUST SEE!

Get ready to make acquaintance with the new highly- evolved Golf race car concept. Forget all about the old GTA models, forget about the Golf R and be prepared to be mind-blown by this spectacular race car concept. The idea is this Golf to be ready and able to participate at the Touring Car Racer International Series. Volkswagen has set its mind to make this Golf feature the Golf R`s turbocharged 2.0, 4-liter engine able to produce 330hp.

VW Introduced The 330HP Golf RACE CAR CONCEPT 3

The further construction features an amazing chassis, 15.75 inches wide which offers bigger balance and provides enough space for the exquisite wheels having being 18 inches wide. The wheels in the front are managed by a DSG dual- clutch automatic gearbox featuring six speeds. As for the interior, it has a fully equipped safety cage with racing seat and plastic-made internal elements.

Anyway, check out these amazing racecar concepts!

VW Introduced The 330HP Golf RACE CAR CONCEPT4