Very Rare Example of 1965 Ford GT40 Goes For Sales On Auction!

I`m sure that when it comes to a mid-engined fast cars, first thing that comes to your mind are the European sports cars. But we must not forgot that from time to time, some extraordinary car of this class is coming out from the American car manufacturers as well. We will remind you on some of them like the Vector, SSC, Mosler, Saleen…But before all of these beauties had appeared, Ford introduced their legendary model – the 1965 Ford GT40.

Ford GT 40 Roadster

The whole idea came out when Ford sent to the checkered flag at 24 Hours of Le Mans four years in a row, somewhere at the end of the 1960s. But Ford also constructed and released about 100 units for its general public, but the most important is that only four of those were roadsters. And out of those four, only this 1965 Ford GT40 is still in its original condition – and now is going on sales on an auction!

The auction will happen in mid-August in Monterey, California, at RM Auctions. The only remaining model of this fabulous Ford GT 40 is also the very first one built of its kind. Ford and Shelby were using it as a development and demonstration car and Carroll Shelby use to drive Henry Ford II in it at some of the demo events.

The expectations for its value are high, even though RM doesn`t reveal how much they expect it to fetch at auction.

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