Unlimited Hydroplane Shows Its 3000HP HYDRO THUNDER!

If you are fond of hydroplanes, then there is no doubt that you know the fact that the Unlimited Hydroplane has the title – world`s most fast raceboat. Actually, this vehicle is capable to reach over 200mph as it is powered by a 3000HP engine.

One wrong wave and you can be out with this beasty water monster, so you better have the skills if you want to sit in this race boat and experience the unique feeling that it has to offer. Moreover, the biggest threats in this sport are the turnpoints and having control during high speed can also be threatened by the unexpected things that water can bring. However, with the evolution of performance, also came a huge evolution in safety equipment, so nowadays these race boats are not as dangerous as before.

Risky or not, the thrill seeking guys in this video host a show that will definitely leave you jaw-dropped. Be ready to see the best hydroplane drivers in an action after which you will be willing to change your sportcar with an Unlimited Hydroplane. But think about it twice, as the price of the hydroplanes that you are about to see is over $250 000.

Enjoy the video below!

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