Total Madness: Pipes Flying, Shattered Components…These Chevy Trucks Have Really Gone WILD!

Sometimes the show and spectacular performance can come in a different shape and form, as these two Diesel Chevy trucks had an opportunity to find that out first hand. The video bellow that you are about to see is a segment from this year`s “Trucks Gone Wild” festival, that is happening down at the Louisiana Mudfest near Colfax, where all big and powerful monster trucks and their owners and drivers can find a real earthly paradise in all of those muddy fields which are offering a great source of utter trucking entertainment.

The main protagonists of this failed performance are two different generations of Chevy diesel trucks: `88 Chevrolet Silverado SWB, powered by a rear mounted Cummins engine that can generate 650HP and `07 Chevrolet Silverado SWB, with a Duramax engine under the hood that gives an output of 525HP.

And as the audience is waiting to see a spectacle, a total opposite occurs, as both of these Chevy monsters found itself in a trouble, as they slowly started to fall apart. One had shattered training bellhousing, and the intercooler pipe flew off, and the other one was also facing similar problems. I won`t call it funny or anything else alike, but it is always entertaining to see something like this. Better luck next year fellows!

Enjoy the video below!

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