CUMSTANG: Cummins Diesel Truck Engine in a Mustang!

You know the proverb, the medal always has two sides. On the one side, there is the fun part. This car has no frontal metal parts allowing us to see the engine while it roars and increases the pleasure. It is always better when you can see the machine producing this magnificent sound! But, on the other hand, these are times when we have to be greener. We have to think in an environmentaly friendly way. We are not implying that we are not supposed to have fun, but it could be better if we keep the black smoke on the lowest level possible. Unless nature has done something horrible to the driver of the Cumstang, we think it doesn`t deserve this kind of treatment. Maybe he just hates clean air, who knows! Anyway, let`s leave the ecologic discussion for some other time.

What caught our attention in this video is the engine. The car is completely open in the front, and you can see the entire machine. The funny part is that the engine itself is not made to fit in a car! A Cummins engine normally powers pickup trucks! It is possible he took it out of the Dodge pickup truck that is parked in the video. Nevertheless, a Cummins diesel engine on a Mustang chassis is something we have never seen before! The sound the Cumstang produces is quite powerful! Too bad for us that the driver doesn`t actually show how fast this Cummins powered Mustang can actually go. We would love to see something like that! The Cumstang is undoubtedly a beast. That is why you should not miss out on this video! We leave you to enjoy the sound of the Cumstang! Watch the video of this Mustang powered by a Cummins Diesel Engine right here!

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