Thumb Up for the Drifting Gladiators of Torun Arena, Poland!

Polish are taking things very seriously when it comes to car driving competitions and drifting spectacles. In order to give the drivers the best conditions and to make this drifting performance as attractive as it could possibly be, they decided to `reshape` the pitch of the stadium in the city of Toruń, and to transform it into a race arena just for this event! Just as one of the drivers is saying, before this, no one has ever built a tarmac track inside a stadium for an event that lasts only one day. But, that is exactly what happened this summer in the Polish city of Toruń, Torun Arena, where organizers transformed their lovely soccer stadium into a drifting battle ground. And it was all worth it.

BMWs, Nissan Skylines, Ford Mustangs and many others appeared at the brand new and fresh tarmac track at the Toruń arena and the audience was privileged to enjoy in some of the best moments in the history of this sport in Poland. It is most definitely and for sure that drifting is becoming the next big thing in Europe.

Thumb up in Torun Arena for these guys and keep with the good job you are doing!

Enjoy the video below!

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