Cops Pull Over a Batmobile! See What Happens Next! These Guys Are So Amazing!

That moment when cops pull over a Batmobile… Prepare yourself to witness one hilarious situation!

Cops Pull Over a Batmobile batman police 2

Crazy stuff happen in Nowhere… Crazy stuff happen in the States as well! You`ve seen them, right? However, we know see how crazy this country can get and how hilarious it can be! This is the pull over that the Police Department will remember till the rest of their lives! They stopped a Lamborghini – a black one! What they did not know is that they are doing a pull over to Batman! Or at least to a man dressed like him! His Lambo even looked like the Batmobile!

You are driving down the street as you usually do and all of a sudden, the Batmobile passes you by at high speed. The traffic police see it all and decides to react, but there are in for a good surprise. See what happens in this video that we have prepared for you today, when your favorite superhero from the comics and movies appears in real life.

On the first crazy video, we have a Batman fan, riding a black Lamborghini Batmobile on the streets of Washington, D.C. The real fun starts when the cops are pulling him over. See what happens… These cops are so funny!

However, this is a charity Batman who was rushing to the Hospital! He was gentle as well. He handshakes every single cop that pulled him over! The pull over ended very funny as the cops started taking photos of him next to the Batmobile! All the shots and no harm was done! This Batman takes his job seriously as his license plates only have the Batman sign on, that was one of the reasons that there was a pull over! It all ended up well, it`s just memories that remain!

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