Not An Average Mercedes 190D You Know! Rollin’ COAL Like CRAZY!

This Is Not An Average Mercedes 190D You Know! This Thing Is Rollin’ COAL Like CRAZY! The engine has 700HP & 1000Nm! This is a real BEAST! Listen to that TURBO Sound!

We are usually used to see Mercedes` in different light. They are usually the luxury side, made to give us the elegant comfort that elegant men need. We do not usually see them drifting, doing burnouts or donuts! However, now we are! This Mercedes 190D is BURNING TIRES like crazy as it rolls COAL like mad! With a very powerful engine under the hood -- OM606, all this makes sense! The whole parking lot is covered up in smoke mixed with coal coming out of that DIESEL EXHAUST! Check out this 190D Mercedes Benz that will leave you speechless!!! Enjoy it guys!

*For the Prius fans & ecology guys…the regular exhaust is even worse for the environment than diesel due to different output as a petrol car which has titanium inside the exhausts system!

Enjoy the video below! At last, check out this Diesel Furry! 

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