That Sweet Diesel Sound! Listen To This 2006 FORD POWERSTROKE 6.0L With A 5” Exhaust, Roaring In The Cold!

One of the things that we, the ultimate Gearheads always enjoy listening, is the sound of a powerful motor, roaring and screaming its mad diesel sound. Most of the regular people find it to be kind of a strange and bizarre, but who wants to be normal, or regular, right? Which is why every time we come across a video clip that features sweet moments like that, we are showing it to you right away. Like in this case…

And what we have here is `a musical performance` by one of the most powerful and popular diesel machines out there, the legendary Ford Power Stroke motor, rocking and rolling via 5-inch big exhaust pipe, during a cold weather. The Powerstroke doesn`t mind the cold at all. The cold weather can`t bite the Powerstroke, the cold is getting bitten instead!

For this mad diesel sound, we got to give credits to its awesome exhaust system as well. In the video, the owner is using a MBRP 5 inches exhaust system. The MBRP exhaust system this owner uses is not only for the awesome diesel sound and aesthetics. The MBRP exhaust system, depending on the vehicle, can increase performance up to 5-10%! The exhaust is giving all that performance in torque and horsepower! Usually we go for performance over aesthetics, but with this exhaust you can have both!

Thus, we are not going to do much of an unnecessary chit chatting about it, but will let you enjoy the mad diesel sound of that 2006 6.0 liter Ford Power Stroke and later on, you can share your thoughts with us about it, if you feel like it.

So just check out the video below and enjoy it! And if you want to find out something more about the 6.0 liter Ford Power Stroke, click here.