This Motorized Wheelbarrow Can Make Everybody WORK!

Putting an engine in every possible thing can have interesting outcome that will be warmly welcomed in the world of couch potatoes, where every little task sounds exhausting. Well, we have still not found a mind-movable fridge or remote control, but this invention will surely catch your attention as it is weird, funny and most of all helpful. Please greet the first motorized wheelbarrow that can ease your activities whenever you need it.

After watching the introduction video, you will agree that this idea is money-worth and that it can be sold successfully. However, when you analyze all the possible situations that you can encounter with a wheel barrow, you will come up with a conclusion that with heavy loads you may have lots of managing problems. Mainly, it will be very hard to steer left and right.

However, one thing is sure -- this is the result of one long lasting love to vehicles and engines and the people in the video are truly enjoying their little invention, which who knows -- maybe it is the scratch that will make a revolution in today’s construction vehicles’ technology.

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