TRON BIKE Made By Mark Parker From PARKER BROTHERS CHOPPERS! Will The Future Bikes Look Like This?

What we have here is a great looking, futuristic and unique motorcycle, designed, built and constructed by Mark Parker from the Parker Brothers Choppers. The name is TRON BIKE and is this the look of the yet to be future bikes?

This is a guy who really knows how to build things. And it should not be a surprise, taking into account that along with his brother, they are doing it ever since their childhood – bikes, cars, motorcycles – so somewhere in 2010 they started a business. And as Mark explains, the weird and unique stuff is what really inspires them and makes them more creative. It`s when they decided to build something that could picture the future bikes!

The Tron Bike that you will see in this video was inspired by the latest Batman film. Before that, it was mainly just regular bikes, pretty much just like everybody else were making.

The bike is constructed using steel frames and fiberglass for the body work and it is powered by a petrol engine (there is a version with electric version as well). Top speed about 130mph and  it goes 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. When you take it this way, the TRON BIKE might be the resemblance of the future bikes! Who knows anyway?



6 thoughts on “TRON BIKE Made By Mark Parker From PARKER BROTHERS CHOPPERS! Will The Future Bikes Look Like This?

  1. Correction: While Parker Brothers did build the Neutron Bike (inspired by the TRON Legacy movie not Batman) seen in these videos, Shanon Parker is the designer of the amazing concepts created by PBC & Marc, along with a great team, is the fabricator/builder. No one person alone builds anything at Parker Brothers & it would be crazy to think that they could.

    1. Dee Ziering

      I was thinking the exact same thing on all points! lol Super work done by all at Parker Bros.!

  2. Looks neat but how’s the suspension I think I’ll keep my Harley Davidson Rocker C

  3. Oh man

    I wish I could have it… It looks like it came from the future! How much does it cost?

  4. James Lucier

    Looks very striking, but don’t see how it can take any kind of curve or bumpy road without problems. It also appears to have a very uncomfortable riding position for distance rides..

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