The Smallest V8 Engine With Electronic Fuel Injection: Only 45cc! GUESS THE TORQUE!

Art is everywhere around us. It is not only to be found in museums and art galleries. If you are a Gearhead and you are surrounded by engines all the time – you know art! You have met art from young age when you heard the first revs and you know it now when you do the paint job on your car! We have a V8 engine here with Electronic fuel injecton – and that is what we find as real ART! This one is probably the smallest in the world (we do not want to assert, but we assume so)!

The amazing tiny little V8 engine with electronic fuel injection was made in a small and old shed! The single fuel injector is made by from some Punto internals! However, Keith, the inventor of this small V8 engine with electronic fuel injection says that it could be years till he tests the horsepower on this one as he is doing a 1/3rd V10 scale now! Of course, after that`s all done, he`ll make a small dyno test and we hope he will send us the results! The sound of this V8 engine is very… CUTE we`d say! It runs quietly but still shows us that`s it`s no toy – it`s a V8 engine!

Is this is the smallest V8 fuel injection engine ever made? 

The single fuel injection system of this small motors is made by Megasquirt MS2 and this thing has oil system under pressure, alloy block, drilled crank, vernier cam pulleys, cast iron wet liners and many other regular engine parts… It’s really unbelievable!

If you had the chance would you want one of this?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us! Check it out!

And finally, if you want to see this small Chevy V8 engine, follow this link!


23 thoughts on “The Smallest V8 Engine With Electronic Fuel Injection: Only 45cc! GUESS THE TORQUE!


  2. fran

    una locura ¡¡¡

  3. Dear Team,
    Love the Video though it would have been better to hear the engine without the silencers. Remember the Scaled down Ferrari V12 with 312B2 chassis attached. It didn’t just look good…….
    Great stuff, a credit to who built it.
    All the Best

  4. Matti DE

    Where can you buy the engine? Request for info …….

  5. fred muggs

    How on earth did they make the tiny little spark plugs? LOL!

    1. Keith

      Spark plugs by design are simple, so miniaturizing them isn’t too hard. How much machine time did they spend it my question!

      1. I just finished building a miniature steam engine in a machine tool training class. The class is about six months long and we have about a month and a half left. It is a total of 500 hours. This would take me considerably longer. This guy looks like he has been doing this for a while and with a great deal of experience.

  6. troy

    muy bonito pero eso ya existe
    very cute but someone already invented that

  7. james rutt

    Wow now that’s something I would luv to have on my tool box.. where can I get one at???

  8. Trickey007

    Where can I get one pls give me the info

  9. Marcelo Zafalon

    Fake. Não solta uma fumacinha…Não tem nenhum sinal de calor…as velas são minúsculas e duvido que alguém fabrique velas tão pequenas. Não mostra nada da construção do motor. Lindo…mas não é de verdade.
    Se colocar imagem deste motor sem exaustão…guspindo fumaça…dai eu mudo minha opinião.

  10. Nivaldo Faustino Junior

    como faço para comprar um motor igual a esse miniatura que funcione onde encontro esse tipo de motor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. wil

    donde lo compro?

  12. german oliveros

    muy bonito en motor como hago para conseguir uno?

  13. John

    Hi, I would like to know where I can buy one if I can buy one that’s already made that would even be better so if you can send me the information I would really appreciate it. Thank, you John Whooley

  14. Norm Demichele

    Amazing work and would love to have one of these for myself

  15. Moe

    There is a company called conleys precision engines that makes small v8’s and such for 1/4 scale rc cars.

  16. Gary Brabbs

    This is the best one I’ve ever laid eyes on the sound is super sweet awesome job


    Amazing work i would like to know the engineering…..

  18. Fran Desveaux

    Very cool. If this were in my workplace. i’d never get anything done..

    1. Johnny

      Hahaha right you are Fran. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  19. Mike

    Well? What was the torque? There was no mention of it in the article or video.

  20. Sebastian

    I would be happy to buy one if it was for sale

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