The Panic Mouse 007 Is Powered By 392 HEMI & Is Extremely Loud!

More experienced automotive enthusiasts can determine lots of things only by the sound of a vehicle or vessel. On the other hand, the sound is the first thing you notice when you observe a car. After you hear the sound, you pay attention to the exterior et cetera, are we right? We believe that the sound is the actual reason that makes you want approach a vehicle in the first place. Also, we have presented you a plethora of video clips which feature various engine sounds as well as exhaust sounds. Of course, the recording below belongs to the same “awesome sound” category of ours and the Panic Mouse, of course!

The Panic Mouse 007 Is Powered By 392 HEMI FIRE SPITTING BOAT 2

It features a vessel that the elderly drag boat racing fans are most likely to remember due to the fact that this drag boat has been competing in 1969 and 1970. The name of this beast is Panic Mouse 007, as we mentioned before! After these two competition years, the Panic Mouse 007 has almost been forgotten until recently! A group of automotive enthusiasts restored this drag boat to its former glory! As a matter of fact, the exterior is made exactly the same like it has been in `69 and `70! But the main role definitely belongs to the insanely loud machine that is powering this boat!

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