INSANE SOUND Of The 1980 Honda Formula 1 Engine At 20,000 RPM!

Honda started its collaboration with F1 in the 1964 season and that automobile friendship lasted till 2008. The Japanese car manufacturer withdrew itself due to the Global financial crisis. However, we hope that their magnificent work will come up with new unique products, like the one you are going to see in the video below. What is shown in the footage, is a test of a Honda Formula 1 Engine at 20 000 RPM. The sounds that this machine produces during this experiment will surely amaze you, so you better turn up your speakers as you are about to listen to music that every car lover adores.

Let us now learn more about the Variable Timing and Lift Electronic Control system that was created by the Honda team. Moreover, the late 1980`s was the period when VVTEC was pioneered out of Honda’s racing and F1 program, when everyone was going to turbo engines. Turbocharging was becoming popular in road cars at the time and Honda knew they needed a turbo to stay competitive in F1, but they also developed the V10 that came in 1990. Thank you for being so nice during this class, so now it’s time to enjoy this Honda Formula 1 engine sound!

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