The Meanest & Dirtiest 1964 Lincoln Continental At The Street Car Takeover HOUSTON! This Car is Breathtaking!

As the title goes, this is probably the badest and meanest looking car you have ever seen. I do not know if guys like Snoop Dog or 50 Cent had seen this ultimate ride – I do not think so – but if and when they do, they will probably want it no matter what the price is. This is by far, the best custom made 1964 Lincoln I have ever laid eyes on. It is coming from Texas, where its owner decided to introduce it to the world at Street Car Takeover HOUSTON and it would be safe to say that it did not only made heads turn around, but it actually stopped the whole show.

I know that it sounds like exaggeration, but believe me, it is not! The way the owner says, he had been chasing this car for about eleven years and once he got it, he rolled up his sleeves and did a few changes on it, mostly in order to get it low, almost to the ground like it is. When you are inside of it, you practically feel like you are walking on the ground.

Unfortunately we do not have info about what is under the hood of this ultimate beauty, but in this case, the engine is secondary priority, because this car will win you mostly with the way it looks. Just watch the video and get mesmerized by it.


3 thoughts on “The Meanest & Dirtiest 1964 Lincoln Continental At The Street Car Takeover HOUSTON! This Car is Breathtaking!

  1. Adam

    You guys must not be that deep into the hotrod scene. That Lincoln is just one of MANY bagged black Lincolns. I just finished an all white one, that I shaved all the door handles, and emblems on, and all custom interior and stereo, about to paint a silver 63 Lincoln convertible that has a lot of custom touches to it. I’ve built some awesome Lincolns, and have seen quite a few in person. Black hard tops are a dime a dozen. Why make it seem like that car is God’s gift to the car scene? Convertibles are worth more and are more saught after anyway. You want to see a bad Lincoln? Wait till I’m done with this convertible.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the message Adam and please send us some video and photos from your ride!

    2. Bernie Connors

      I’d like to see them Adam..,.let’s go!!!!

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