The Lucky Ferrari Enzo WRC!

In our opinion this is the most happy Ferrari Enzo in the world because its owner took it outside to play in the mud. All others Enzos are locked inside a room and the owners never let them play. However, this owner treats the car in a completely different way than the others. He is not keeping it in a bell glass. Instead, the Ferrari Enzo WRC is in the garage with the other farming vehicles! This video is a great way to present the capabilities of a Ferrari Enzo! Starting with the warm up, that goosebumps causing sound! Now that`s how you drive a Ferrari Enzo WRC, like you`ve stolen it! Some will probably say this is a total abuse of the car. So let us make one thing clear, you are ruining the car if it stays in your garage like an exhibit in a museum, not by driving it.

What a lucky Enzo 🙂