LMC Super Cuda 200 MPH vs Ferrari Enzo!

There are people who really deserve a second chance. We believe that the cars deserve the same! It would be a real pity for a car that once ruled the streets to be left to collect dust and rust. Today`s video is for one such vehicle that got its second chance and you are going to see it using the chance! This car was brought to life thanks to the devoted team of professionals! It has a huge 522ci engine that produces more than 1000 horsepower! Plus, it is amplified by a bi-turbo system! We are talking about the super Cuda of course! This car is about to be tested if it can race against another supercar! The opponent of the super Cuda is quite intimidating. It is a Ferrari Enzo! Chrysler let these guys use the Chrysler Proving Grounds, a 4.7 mile oval race track located in Chelsea, Michigan! So, check this drag race between the LMC Super Cuda 200 MPH vs Ferrari Enzo!

Before the race could take place, Chrysler wanted to make sure that this green beast deserves to be called a super Cuda. After an hour, Chrysler engineers agreed that this is not just another pretty face. The super Cuda even took a series of various handling tests. Afterwards, the two cars took their duel to the oval race track! At first, due to poor weather conditions, they decided to take some easy laps. Seeing these two cars cruising next to each other is a truly magnificent sight! As for the rest of the race, well, you will have to watch the video! You will not be disappointed! Enjoy watching the Cuda and the Enzo that reach speeds of more than 200 mph! And also, don`t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

At last, click here if you want to know something more about Ferrari’s founder, Mr. Enzo Ferrari!

Enjoy the video below!

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