The Great Russian Beriev BE 200 Amphibious Aircraft!

Those of you who are following us on regular bases, know well that not so long ago, we have shown you the biggest and heaviest plane ever made, that can carry a space shuttle, the Russian Antonov 225. Well, if you liked that, here is another great aircraft that is coming from Mother Russia, Beriev BE 200, an amphibious airplane with many different purposes that can be done with it.

The initial purpose for the existence of Beriev BE 200 is for fighting the forest fires with a usage of different extinguishing fluids, and by fulfilling other tasks at the same time, like stopping small fires developing, extinguishing big forest fires by development of protective strip, and landing on preselected water areas, not so easily reachable, search and rescue missions, transport of passengers and others. It can carry up to 72 passengers and 12 000 tonnes of fluids (3 170 US gallons).

The thing that makes this plane different from the other amphibians is that it has fully pressurized fuselage, allowing it to complete many different missions. Of course, it has an equipment that enables it to navigate and fly in tough weather conditions, regardless on which part of the day or night is. Beriev BE 200 has all the new avionics complex ARIA-200, fulfilling the requirements of ICAO category III, which is a joint American-Russian production by Aria JV.

Just watch the video below and see what an impressive aircraft it is, and if you want to find out more about it, as well as other amphibious aircrafts, go to this link.