The Fastest All Motor C7 LMR Corvette Tune Only : 11.47 at 121.9mph!

If you are ready we would like to show you the FASTEST ALL MOTOR C7 LMR Corvette! It is tuned and it has set a RECORD! Not only did it had the great driver behind the wheel -- Tommy Young, but its HIGH PERFORMANCE engine also made this possible! However, if you want to know exact numbers, let`s start! This one passed the 1/4 mile in 11.47 seconds which is a great TIMING along with a top speed of 121.9 MILES PER HOUR! Many argue that this car is STOCK, which we personally doubt! Actually, check out the footage and figure it out yourself!

Watch now the fastest all motor C7 Corvette LMR Tune Only : 11.47 at 121.9mph!

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