Most Powerful LMR C7 Corvette – 1121HP For Your Adrenaline!

We have always loved to watch people trying to break a record. It`s pure fun. Adrenaline, desire and pure instinct. Therefore, for our today`s post we decided to go for the world`s most capable LMR C7 Corvette Stingray 2014.

The Late model Racecraft (LMR) has achieved to one up the people at Vengeance Racing that use a little more hardware. The Houston Texas team has been setting all kinds of C7 records , and the current included a stroker engine 416cid, CNC harbored LT1 cylinder heads, custom grind camshaft and a Vortech YSI supercharger.

The prize of the combo was 990HP and 942 lb-ft of torque, stated at fifteen psi of boost. The fun doesn`t stop here. Here comes more! Stay tuned for the exquisite Nitrous Express! Zoomed to 150hp, the nitrous system brought the excessive C7. The latest powerful LMR C7 Corvette pulls out an amazing amount of 1,121-rwhp and 992 lb-ft of torsion.

It is a difficult job for a direct injection C7 to squeeze much power, with no stockmarket or Z06 fuel pump, let-alone injectors.  But probably the limit is close. There is chance that somewhere turbocharged LT1 proves wrong. Rumor has it that LMR has a custom turbo twin kit in the works. You can`t count out Vengeance.

Finally, visit LMR’s official website!

Enjoy the video below!

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