Show Your Muscles Named 1965 CHEVY IMPALA SS!

There is nothing like an enjoyable ride with your beloved vehicle. Even if you drive it only in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, not everybody feels the joy you feel when you are behind the wheel. At least not at the beginning. You are going to find out what is this all about in no time! Today`s article is dedicated to one gorgeous American muscle car icon. It is a question of 1965 CHEVY IMPALA SS!

This particular automobile simply shakes the ground below itself wherever it goes! And that isn`t the sound grumpy people want to hear! This means that it would be a good idea to adjust the volume of your sound devices, because there are lots of stunning sounds that should not be missed! At the beginning, the owner starts his car in the garage, planning to take a ride, which he does. Then, he steps on the gas pedal couple of time, as every normal person would do, to take the maximum of his car`s OPEN HEADERS! This was enough to get a neighbor out of home, make him chase the Chevy and take a picture of the license plates! See what happens next!

P.S. Have you seen the 1965 CHEVY IMPALA SS `IMPOSTER` masterpiece by Foose Design?! If the answer is no, you must visit this link!