USA Spirit at 2014 ESSEN MOTOR SHOW: 1965 Chevy IMPALA SS!

If someone asks me which single car would you choose to represent the real spirit and character of the American car manufacturing for all times, I`m not a hundred percent sure what would be my final answer, by it is most definite that 1965 Chevy Impala SS would be in the top five or even top three muscle cars that perfectly represent everything that US auto making stands for. This is a car that was designed and built by the best craftsmen in the period when constructors did not only built cars, but dreams.

As most of you are pretty much aware, it is very fast, very fun to drive, and wherever you may appear with it, it attracts crowds and makes heads turn. So I take it that it is clear without me having to say so that it was no different in Germany, at this year`s Essen Motor Show. European visitors were very keen to see this everlasting beauty that represents the American character at its core.

Powered by a 327ci V8 motor and mated to a Powerglide transmission, it is all that one true muscle car aficionado really needs from a muscle car. Check out the 1965 Chevy IMPALA SS and admire its beauty.