Take a Look At The Awesome Big Red Camaro by Mr. R.J.!

To be honest, we are not the greatest fans of American cars. We cannot, however, deny the beauty of the first generation of Camaro. The owner of this big red Camaro built this car in 1987 so it can be suitable and appropriate for racing on the tracks. However, at one race that took place in Mexico, the car had a breakdown and experienced a huge crush. Then, the owner, Mr. R.J., decided to make this big red Camaro the best in the world so he called Inland Chassis to hire them to do the chassis work so that the car is able to move with 200 mph (320 kph) without problems.

After he has made the Camaro, a hell of a car, RJ has been appearing at some of the most important and prestigious racing events, such as the Silver State Classic event. This was actually the first event at which the new Camaro appeared with new engine and new transmission system. However, the first time doesn’t really go without problems so we were a bit reserved about how everything will go. Finally, it turned out that the car could not move faster than it was allegedly capable of, even though it broke its personal record with speed of 218.3 mph. Still, we have to mention that a lot of updates have been made to the engine and the exhaust system which has been customized, so that the car does its best.  The whole process of bulding the car has been documented in a video that will be called Driving Fast & Taking Chances.

Being around this wonderful big red Camaro is just amazing. The fact that it is so old-school, its equipment including a `69 Z128 chassis, makes this car even better. You cannot dislike this creature. This Camaro has been and will remain inspiration for a lot of fans!

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1969 camaro Z128 chassis 5